Friday, December 11, 2009

Kind of Harsh

In all honesty, this course is definitely and completely not what I had expected. Yes, I anticipated writing several papers like in any other simple English class since elementary school; it’s normal and entirely customary. However, I did not look forward to all of the debating, politics, and government issues discussed. It was completely not what I had signed up for. Not once in my twelve years of taking English classes have I spent most every day in the classroom learning about what Michael Moore was up to and how health insurance isn’t going as planned. Who cares!? If I wanted to understand all of that boring crap, I would have selected a government class. I was hoping to learn where to place commas in a sentence or to broaden my brainstorming techniques, not to discuss how much fair treatment prisoners receive in jail. This was definitely out of the ordinary. I’m pretty certain I read the course description before I chose this class and nothing about politics taking over the course study only a few days into it was mentioned. I even brought up to my dad what goes on in the classroom and he stated that once you get into college, it’s all about the political affairs. He claimed the teachers are brainwashing their students into believing what they believe and capitalization of a proper noun isn’t a top priority to be studying.
The number one struggle I had in this particular class was keeping up with all of the “political” assignments and activities. I had no idea what was going on. As soon as he told us what to do, I just sat there for a few minutes and stared at a blank paper until I decided to text someone in my lap. I have no idea who Michael Moore or the E-Street Band is because they are a bit irrelevant topics. Listening to that band’s songs got me nowhere. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be looking for. I was expecting to learn the ways of Shakespeare, or at the least Dr. Seuss.
Fortunately, not all of the topics and assignments in this class were considering boring, unnecessary, and redundant politics. The whole rhetorical triangle activity was somewhat useful. Before this class, I had no idea that ethos, pathos, and logos even existed. I could eventually easily tie those tools into my papers. Moving on to the peer critique activity: I found this very ineffective. In no way did I take into thought any of my fellow students’ suggestions. If they knew exactly what they were talking about, they wouldn’t be in an English (government) class in the first place. This thought isn’t meant be hurtful, just truthful. And again, that E-Street movie/video we watched was such a waste of time. Nobody watched or listened to it, except for those one or two students that actually find that type of stuff interesting. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Oh, and the Michael Moore movie about health care or whatever (I have no earthly clue what it was even called) was an even bigger waste of time. Please tell me where that comes into effect in an English class, because I’m stumped.
What did I learn about myself in this course? I learned I’ve got it good. I’ve got it too good to not even know what health insurance is because my dad pays for it and I’ve got it too good to even give a damn. And yes, I would recommend this class to others who want to identify the difference between Republicans and Democrats because that seemed to be all I learned.

Stick That in Your Wing Sauce

When someone tells you they work at a restaurant, it does not strike as too big of a deal. However, when someone mentions they are employed at a Hooters restaurant, the eyes widen. Truthfully, this reaction could indicate one of several. Thoughts and beliefs like ‘this girl is desperate’ or ‘she is not going anywhere in life’ are included. I try to disregard these negative and incorrect theories and prove that I can handle what is a fast-paced, intense working environment.

My job is rewarding. For example, I can create my own schedule, which leads me to currently work three days per week. This undoubtedly comes as practical considering I am a full-time student in college and in need plenty of study time. The money I take in is also outstanding. I receive a respectable paycheck, although the real cash rolls in from all the hefty tips. From being a waitress at other locations, I have clearly realized how much more money I acquire waiting tables at this exciting restaurant. The uniform required is relatively notable as well. It’s bold and flashy features do tend to offend particular people, but to us Hooters Girls, they are simple, comfortable workout clothes that support us in tending to a customer’s every whim, no matter how many times we have to rush over to the drink station for a refill. Working at Hooters calls for dozens of skills to keep up.

I would recommend this job to any female who is trying to stack up some money and wants to look magnificent doing so. The managers are flexible, the food is terrific, and on some days, the regulars will tip next month’s rent. Try finding that kind of capital at your typical diner.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Define Story

Working in what is considered a regular restaurant to only certain people is plain fun. I don’t need any different crazy words or adjectives to describe it, it is simply fun. I am employed at Hooters of Virginia Beach (there is only one of these restaurants in every popular city or so, and this city was chosen). It is just a regular restaurant, unless someone is asking a stuck-up, strict Christian pastor with a stick up their rear end, and even he will take some private visits of his own like the hypocrites they are. However, there should be no shame. We were only voted the best wings of Virginia Beach by those red banners displayed on random restaurants, banks, grocery stores, and boutiques. Poor Buffalo Wild Wings who came in second. Regardless, it is not just the wings that bring tourists, locals, and creepers here. It’s us, the wonderful Hooters Girls. We are what make this terrific eatery what it is today.

I could not imagine seeing myself being employed at another restaurant such as Chili’s, or even Outback. Yes, their food is to die for as well, but I couldn’t be myself there. Plus, the number one problem that would drive me insane: having to wear my hair in a ponytail. That is torture for me, pure agony. Whereas at Hooters, we are designed to let our long, beautiful hairs fall down. Well, at least mine, because a small number of the girls are “torn up from the floor up.” I straightforwardly have no idea how some of them were hired in such an uptight place. “I guess they are desperate, especially in this economy,” says one of my fellow, prettier, co-workers.

Back to what the public says about our restaurant: screw them. In reality, there are several reasons and/or excuses people will not step foot into Hooters. First, people find this place degrading and unbecoming of women. That is total crap. In actuality, we couldn’t care less about our customers thinking we’re attractive in our cute uniforms and staring at our orange behinds when we walk away from the table. It means nothing. We just want the money in their pockets and pretend like they’re gods so we can get it. It’s just the same at any insurance building; the secretaries will falsely be nice to a costumer just so they will shut up and give them their money. Hooters girls just look better doing it. Moreover, my favorite reason as to why certain people refuse to visit us is jealousy. It is the most amusing thought on the planet. Other teenage females and young adults will refuse to come dine because they hate us. They wish they could fit in our awesome, bright uniforms without having a muffin top (Google it). Not all girls are like this though. We appreciate the few young adults who come in who actually want to eat and laugh at joke with us. It shows their confidence, and confidence is important to me. It’s what gave me the balls to go up to Hooters almost a year ago and apply (that, and a very low-cut shirt and stuffed bra).

Overall, I love my job. It cannot be put into an actual story, it just can’t. So many events happen every day and get scrambled over time. I believe if an actual customer came in and observed us not just for our sexiness, but for who we are and why we are there, they would see the real us. We all have stories, some not so pretty, and some commendable. My story is that I just want to live my life. I’m young and hip and don’t need any money. However, I can’t be almost nineteen and not employed. I’d get bored and people would look down on a jobless young adult. So working only three days a week, I’m making great money, stories, friends, and only preparing myself for the future.